Bioinformatics Lab


Main purpose (Rm.5207)                                                                                                                                      

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary subject which integrates fields like biology, chemistry, biophysics, biostatistics and computer science to solve molecular biology or medical biology problems. The main purposes of setting up the bioinformatics laboratory are

(1)     students learn how to design program to solve bioinformatics problems;

(2)     students can keep up with the latest development in bioinformatics and learn how to utilize the internet  

          resource to solve bioinformatics problems.

(3)     students learn how to use professional mathematics and statistics tool, such as MATLAB, to do research



Course outlines

The following courses are offered in the bioinformatics laboratory on a regular basis;

1.          Bioinformatics programming

2.          Bioinformatics

3.          Special topics in bioinformatics

4.          Structural biology

5.          Biostatistics

6.          Statistical analysis in bioinformatics

7.          Internet programming

8.          Programming

Equipment & Facility

l      PC computers: 61 sets

l      MATLAB and its modules

1.          MATLAB 7.0.4 and Simulink 6.2.1

2.          Communication Toolbox 3.1

3.          Fuzzy Logic Toolbox 2.2.1

4.          Image Processing Toolbox 5.0.2

5.          Neural Network Toolbox 4.0.5

6.          Optimization Toolbox 3.0.2

7.          Signal Processing Toolbox 6.3

8.          Statistics Toolbox 5.0.2




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