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Biochemistry Lab


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Main purpose

The Biochemistry Laboratory is to provide the space and equipment for experiments offered in the lab course, so that the students will be able to employ the theory and principle of Biochemistry learned from textbook to the general techniques used in different research area. In addition to the basic experiments, the techniques used in research and industrial are introduced in the Biochemistry Laboratory course. The curricular purpose of the Biochemistry Laboratory course are to introduce the experimental techniques to students, initiate the research interest of students and train the students to observe carefully and think independently.


Course outlines

The Biochemistry Laboratory course is designed to accompany Biochemistry (I) and (II) offered in the Dept. The experiments introduced in Biochemistry Laboratory course include the general techniques used in carbohydrate, lipid, protein and nuclei acid research fields. The laboratory course is outlined below:

1. Acid-base titration of amino acid
2. Qualitative determination of carbohydrates 
3. Separation of lipids by TLC
4. Protein purification: salting out and dialysis 
5. Quantitative determination of protein
6. Determination of specific enzyme activity
7. Polyacrylamide Gel electrophoresis
8. Western blotting analysis 
10. Bacterial cultures 
11. Nucleic acid extraction and determination 
12. Nucleic acid amplification: PCR
13. Restriction enzyme digestion
14. Agarose gel electrophoresis 

Equipment & Facility






-20oC freezer


4oC cold box


8-channel micropipett


Perisist pump






UV observation box


Hybridization oven




Shaking water bath







Stir/hot plate


Hot sealer


Oval plateform shaker


Thermal-control high speed centrifuge






Dry block


Shaking incubator


Luminar flow


Microwave oven













Protein gel electrophoresis apparatus






Polymerase chain reaction machine


Microplate reader


pH meter


Bench-top centrifuge



Safety Rules of Laboratory

Safety Rules of Biochemistry Laboratory



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